Send Postcards From Your Smartphone

Create personal postcards using the Postify app. Choose your favourite pictures for the front and write a message for the back. We print and mail the postcard as close as possible to the recipient for fast delivery.

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Using our network of printing partners around the world, we always try to print the card in the country of the recipient. It's quick, cheap and eco-friendly. No more sending a postcard by boat half-way around the world only for it to arrive long after you returned from a trip.


Don't spend your vacation money on stamps. With Postify, your postcard will cost you max 2.00 USD, wherever you send it in the world. Look out for vouchers to send cards for free, we have lots of partners sponsoring your postcards.


Choose your picture from the phone’s Camera Roll. This becomes the front of the postcard. Write a message for the back of the card, add an adress and push send! The card is printed and delivered in days.