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Engage your fans, let them spread your brand by sponsoring their real postcards

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Sell Postcards

Sell postcards from your Website or Facebook page and earn money for your business.


Marketing Campaigns

Give your fans a opportunity to send real postcards sponsored by your brand.

Batch Sendouts

Create a direct mail marketing campaign with us and send bulk postcards.

Create more awareness, fans and increase your brand loyalty.

homepage-icons-likeEngage your fans

You might have thousands of fans, but you struggle to find new ways to engage with them. Postify opens up an opportunity to interact with these fans in a unique way.

homepage-icons-mailboxLet them spread your brand

Your fans and customers send personalized postcards to their loved ones, with your brand and message right alongside theirs. They’re thankful to your brand for helping them connect with their friends, and the recipients are exposed to your brand in the best way possible – from a trusted friends endorsement.

homepage-icons-friendsYour next campaign

Postify is ideal for strengthening your brand, spreading your message, announcing promotions, and increasing the effectiveness of your existing campaigns in other channels.

People are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend

- Nielsen

WHO shares your message makes all the difference.

77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family

- Nielsen

How it works


We offer you a customised App for your Facebook page or website and make sure your brand identity and logo is modelled to the back of each postcard.



Customers and fans turn their favourite digital images into real postcards from your app, spreading your brand alongside their message to their friends or family.




The recipient engages with your brand while smiling being happy from receiving the postcard from their friend.


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Some of the brands we have worked with

“The holiday postcard campaign from Postify was the perfect way to let our customers share their experiences with their loved ones back home, whilst also giving us the chance to reach them in a way that really stands out.”

—Karin Hellgren,
PR and Communications Manager at Scandic Sweden.

Ahh, that wonderful feeling of sending and receiving a postcard! Why not be a part of it?

Imagine letting your fans turn their favourite photos into custom postcards, created via your pages. When their friends receive it, they associate that happy postcard feeling with your brand.

That’s the power of Postify.

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Engage your audience, let them share your brand with their friends.

Sponsor their real postcards created via your pages and they’ll spread your message.

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